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Puppies and Gut Health:  What You Should Know

Although most adult dogs have natural defenses against disease, young puppies are susceptible to disease.  After birth a puppy does not have a fully developed immune system, leaving it with fewer d...
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Winter Tips for your Dog

The weather is growing colder, which means it is time to develop a strategy for keeping your dog warm and healthy during the winter months. See the tips for dog owners to best prepare their pets fo...
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What to do when your Dog has an Upset Stomach

Unfortunately for pet owners, an occasional bout of vomiting or diarrhea is not uncommon for dogs. However, when these symptoms become chronic or the gastrointestinal upset is not an isolated incid...
How to Care for the Canine Athlete

How to Care for the Canine Athlete

Hard working dogs have more needs than the average pet.  Whether your dog hunts, competes in Agility, or works by your side, he or she needs appropriate care.  Here, understanding the factors that ...
Tips for Restoring Gut Health in Dogs
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Tips for Restoring Gut Health in Dogs

Researchers have recently gained a better understanding into the vital role gut health has for the wellbeing of humans and animals.  In fact, many common health problems in dogs such as excessive s...