The Spray-Drying Process

At the heart of WINPRO Pet's commitment to creating the most effective pet supplements lies our innovative spray-drying process. This technique is the key to transforming high-quality, liquid plasma into a potent, concentrated powder that's ready to work wonders for your dog's health and wellbeing.

Spray-drying is a delicate, meticulously controlled process that transforms liquid plasma into a powder. The process begins with top-quality, carefully sourced liquid plasma, which is pumped through specialized nozzles to create a fine mist. This mist enters a heat chamber, where it's dried at a precise temperature, resulting in a bioavailable powder that's ready to work wonders for your dog.

This gentle, consistent process ensures that the beneficial proteins in plasma stay intact and retain their potency. By preserving the integrity of these key components, we're able to deliver a product that's as effective as it is safe.

Safety is always our top priority at WINPRO Pet, and our spray-drying process reflects that commitment. The plasma reaches a minimum temperature of 80°C (176°F), which eliminates any potential harmful organisms while preserving the beneficial components. We also employ UV light treatment in a special device called a turbulator, which provides an extra layer of protection against unwanted contaminants.

As a final safety check, the spray-dried plasma is stored in a controlled environment for at least 14 days. And because we're sticklers for quality, every single batch undergoes rigorous testing and must be proven salmonella-negative before it gets the WINPRO seal of approval.

Our commitment to quality and innovation means that every WINPRO product is packed with the purest, most effective spray-dried plasma. This dedication to excellence is just one of the many reasons why WINPRO stands out in the world of pet supplements.

When you choose WINPRO, you can trust that you're giving your furry friend a product that's been crafted with their health and wellbeing in mind at every step of the way. From sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to employing cutting-edge processes like spray-drying, we stop at nothing to ensure that your dog gets the very best.