Meet the Team

At WINPRO Pet, we're a dedicated team of dog lovers committed to improving the lives of our pets through innovative, plasma-powered supplements.


Bill Bernardo

Dogs have defined my life in so many ways and I'm part of a pet family that now includes three labradors, two black cats, and two beautiful corn snakes named Noodle & Cheeto. I founded WINPRO to invest my life in helping dogs and cats thrive and a big part of this is helping them deal with stress and inflammation. This is my purpose and my wife and twin boys are all in on it too. When not doing my best to work WINPRO wonders, I enjoy time outside with our dogs along with rowing and cycling and getting lost in nature which to me is the ultimate medicine.


Tim Mitchum

Dutch was the german shepherd rescue mix that turned me into a dog lover for life. When I got the chance to work with WINPRO, I couldn't say no because the results I had seen in my best friend were remarkable and the thought of being able to help other pets with innovative plasma health products was very exciting. When I'm not working, my wife Megan and I are chasing around our two crazy boys and Daisy, our sweet Berner.

Marketing Manager

Anna Johnson

Growing up with Boston Terriers, a Lab, and a cat that found us, an “animal person” is definitely who I am. Working at WINPRO is a dream because I get to look at pictures of cute dogs all day and promote products that I have genuinely seen transform so many lives. When I’m not doing my day job, I am a big fan of spending time with family, listening to live music, and grabbing a bite at my favorite local restaurants.

Growth marketer

Brent Swanson

I grew up with a dog that meant the world to me, and I'm excited to be a part of a team making a real difference in the lives of pets and their families. Seeing the positive impact our products have through customer testimonials is truly rewarding. When I'm not working, you can find me hanging out with friends, catching the latest movies, or cruising around on my skateboard.

Customer Success Manager

Ryan Aqib

Dogs and cats have always had a big impact on my life, as we had a German Shepherd and two cats while growing up. Currently, I have a Persian breed cat who brings joy to my days. Working at WINPRO, I meet many fellow pet lovers and see how WINPRO positively impacts their pups and kittens. In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family. Additionally, I have a passion for classic and older cars and love restoring these timeless beauties.

Customer Success Agent

Jen Olympia

I grew up in a household with a lot of pets! From fish, and birds to rabbits, but the DOGS are the closest to my heart. I even dreamed of working in a pet shop or a doggy day care. For me, dogs truly are the best kind of medicine, and there goes the saying the best therapist has fur and four legs!