Our innovative formula

What is K-Thrive™ Formula D?

At the core of all WINPRO products is our proprietary K-Thrive™ Formula D, a blend of powerful animal blood proteins found in plasma. This plasma-powered formula contains specific blood fractions, such as serum, albumin, IgG, and IgA. These potent, bioactive proteins are derived from porcine blood, collected ethically and safely from USDA-inspected facilities in the American Midwest.

WINPRO's Proprietary Blend

The Blood Plasma Difference

While other dog supplements may contain isolated ingredients or synthetic compounds, K-Thrive™ Formula D harnesses the power of multiple blood fractions found in plasma. This comprehensive approach targets inflammation at its source, supporting your dog's immune system, digestive health, joint function, and overall well-being.

The blood proteins in K-Thrive™ Formula D have been scientifically proven to survive the digestive process, ensuring that their benefits are effectively delivered throughout your dog's body. This unique bioavailability sets WINPRO apart from other supplements that may not withstand the challenging environment of the digestive tract.

Backed By Science

Blood Protein Studies in Multiple Species and Dogs

The use of plasma proteins in animal health applications is backed by decades of research and numerous studies focused on various species, including dogs. These studies have consistently demonstrated the powerful benefits of blood proteins in supporting overall health and well-being. 

To learn more about the research behind the use of plasma proteins in animal health, check out our collection of studies: 

Blood Protein Studies In Multiple Species

Blood Protein Studies In Dogs

By choosing WINPRO, you're investing in your dog's health with a product line that is backed by decades of research and powered by the unmatched benefits of K-Thrive™ Formula D. Our commitment to quality, effectiveness, and innovation ensures that your furry friend receives the best possible support for an active, happy life.