Q. Why plasma? And what does “plasma-powered” mean?
A. The core ingredient in WINPRO® products is plasma, a natural component of blood that’s responsible for delivering nutrients, hormones, and proteins (including antibodies) to the parts of the body that need it most.

Plasma has been used for decades to help people suffering from burns, shock, trauma, and other medical conditions, and through our formula, it’s now available in a convenient soft chew for dogs suffering from allergies, stiff joints, gut issues, and more.

When we say “plasma powered” we are referring to our unique formulas that are primarily made with blood plasma and other natural ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. 

Q. How is WINPRO® different from other pet health products?
A. Unlike traditional pet supplements which pass through the gut (and are typically designed to provide some type of nutritional benefit), our formulas work on a biological level, traveling through the circulatory system to deliver targeted relief to the areas of the body that need it most. 

Q. Where does the blood come from? And is it safe?
A. Our unique plasma formula is made with porcine (pig) blood that is hygienically collected from USDA-inspected pork processing facilities located throughout the American Midwest.

Once the blood is collected, it goes through a strict purification process before being concentrated and spray-dried at high temperatures to create the plasma powder we use in our products. 

The entire process includes multiple safety stages ensuring our products are free from harmful bacteria, salmonella, coliform and E. coli, and meet the strict standards set by the USDA & FDA.

Q. Are WINPRO® products safe? Are there any harmful side effects?
A. Because WINPRO® products are made with 100% natural ingredients (including plasma, which is a naturally occurring substance in your dog’s blood), there’s nothing to worry about. All of our products are safe and will not cause adverse reactions (even if you up the dosage during times of heavy exercise, training, or when immunity is compromised).

Q. Are WINPRO® products FDA-approved? Vet-approved? USDA-approved?
A. All WINPRO® products are approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) which operates under the auspices of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). We are also promoted by many vets but we encourage you to consult with your vet if you have any concerns.

Q. What happens if / when my dog stops taking WINPRO®? Will its health suffer? Will its immune system become compromised?
A. Your dog will return to its former state before taking WINPRO®, which means your dog’s pre-existing symptoms and inflammation-related health issues may recur.

Q. Can I give my dog more than one type of WINPRO® product (i.e. can I use all 4 together)?
A. Yes, WINPRO® products are all natural and safe to use in conjunction with each other, other supplements, and/or medications. If you have any concerns, we recommend consulting with your vet.

Q. My dog ate over half a bag of WINPRO® soft chews. Can they get sick from eating too many?
A. No, your dog will not get sick from consuming too many WINPRO® soft chews. They are all natural so you cannot overdose or overfeed your dog. There’s nothing to worry about (except running out!).

Q. Do WINPRO® products contain soy?
A. No, there are no soy ingredients in our products.

Q. How many chews do I feed my dog?
A. For dogs over 20 pounds, we recommend two chews per day in the morning; for dogs under 20 pounds, we recommend one chew per day in the morning.

Q. Why do you recommend feeding WINPRO® in the morning?
A. Using WINPRO® in the morning allows the blood plasma formula to work throughout the day when your dog is most active and needs it most.

Q. How long are the chews good for once the canister is opened?
A. One canister will be good for several months after opening. When not in use, we recommend keeping the package closed and sealed as the soft chews can dry out and get hard if left exposed to air for prolonged periods of time.

Q. How much do WINPRO® products generally cost?
A. The retail price of our products works out to about a dollar a day or less.