Q. What is a “canine performance supplement”? How is it different from other pet products?
A. WINPRO contains key active ingredients that are biological vs. nutritional in nature. They are not considered food or treats and instead are considered performance supplements to differentiate them from other dog chews and treats on the market.

Q. How are these products different from nutritional supplements?
A. While providing nutrition in the way of protein and other ingredients, the key difference is WINPRO products are made with highly functional animal blood proteins—which are bioactive in nature—so they provide benefits to dogs that go well beyond nutrition.

Q. How do these products benefit my dog's performance?
A. By helping mitigate the effects of stress-induced inflammation before conditions occur and by helping the dog recover faster from inflammation-related symptoms when they do occur.

Q. Can I give my dog more than one type of WINPRO product? i.e. all four?
A. Yes, we recommend feeding the IMMUNITY product EVERY day as a base layer defense then overlay the other products as needed. WINPRO products can be used simultaneously and you can’t overdose the dog.

Q. How long will a pack of WINPRO chews last?
A. At recommended feeding level of two chews per day, a single pouch of WINPRO will last 30 days for dogs over 20 pounds. For dogs under 20 pounds, one chew per day is enough, and a single pouch will last 60 days.

Q. What happens if / when my dog stops taking these products? Will its performance suffer, will its immune system become compromised, etc.?
A. WINPRO is safe for everyday use and is designed to help maintain normal function in the dog’s immune system, joints, brain and lungs. It is not a performance-enhancing drug or steroid, and it is not used to treat disease. Think of it like potent health insurance for dogs and a way for their systems to return to normal faster.

Q. How much do WINPRO products generally cost?
A. Based on suggested retail price, WINPRO products cost about a dollar a day.

Q. Where can I buy WINPRO products?
A. Contact info@winpropet.com for information about where to buy WINPRO locally.

Q. Can my dog experience any unwanted side effects or adverse health risks after consuming WINPRO?
A. None, and feeding WINPRO at higher levels as needed during times of heavy exercise, training, when immunity is compromised, etc. should have no adverse effects on the dog.

Q. Are these products FDA-approved? Vet-approved? USDA-approved?
A. All WINPRO products are approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) which operates under the auspices of the U.S. FDA.