Join the WINPRO Pet Dealer Program

It’s no surprise that over 76,000 pet parents love WINPRO’s unique plasma-powered formulas. Over 40 years of research have shown the benefits of plasma in supporting animal health, and WINPRO’s formulas have brought those life-changing benefits to dogs (and soon, cats!) across the country.

YOU can carry this innovative and fast-selling line of pet health products in your store with WINPRO’s Dealer Program!

WINPRO's Complete Canine Product Line

Our targeted formulas are designed to promote healthy skin, gut, joints, teeth and more. These products offer a comprehensive range tailored to dogs' specific needs.

Are You Interested in Becoming a WINPRO Dealer?

Here are a few notes to determine if you're a good fit:

  • A WINPRO Dealer typically has a physical or online storefront that carries WINPRO inventory. (Pet Speciality Store, Breeder, Trainer, Groomer, Doggy Daycare)
  • WINPRO Dealers order in case quantities to get our best pricing and we have low minimums! 
  • A WINPRO Dealer must provide resale and federal tax id #'s on application.

Once You Join, You'll Love the Program

Independent pet store owners and managers like you love our products and our program:

“In searching for a natural line of products to help the many dogs that we see with inflammation, hip & joint problems, gut issues, allergies, and more, we discovered WINPRO products. Very quickly, we began to realize that WINPRO supplements do exactly what they claim to do! WINPRO delivers fast, effective relief! Customer feedback is almost always positive. Pet parents are happy to hear that there are natural alternatives to support their four-legged family members. Instead of putting them on medications that can sometimes lead to negative, long-term side effects, it has been our experience that many dogs can come off their pharmaceutical medications, and still keep inflammation and allergies at bay with WINPRO. We are very selective about what types of products are carried in our independent pet supply store, and WINPRO fits our criteria perfectly. I would highly recommend that other store owners look for some shelf space for these wonderful products!” - Erin Gould, Milford Pet Supply

Plus, the WINPRO Team is here to ensure you’re a successful member of our Dealer Program by providing several perks: 

☑️ White-Glove Service for Ordering

☑️ Marketing Assets (Brand/Product One-Pagers & Product Imagery)

☑️ Sponsoring a Frequent Buyer Program on Astro Loyalty