At WINPRO, we’re all about the dog. 

We recognized that good nutrition is not always enough and high performing dogs need more to help them cope with common stressors, such as travel, noise and competition. Many supplements offer little more than “pass through ingredients”, which yield minimal results for your dog. Transforming the word ‘supplement’, WINPRO is the first and only to use the proven power of K-Thrive™—a unique blend of animal blood proteins.

These powerful proteins have the ability to break the typical cycle where environmental stress often leads to unhealthy inflammation in canine athletes. Because the proteins stay inside the dog’s gut, they actively work to maintain strong immunity while also helping to prevent inflammation—the culprit for many health issues.

WINPRO Breaks the Cycle

WINPRO Breaks the Cycle

We are committed to offering only the highest quality products. We will never be the cheapest, but we are the best. The dogs that use our products perform better, feel healthier and recover faster. And you get the results you are looking for in your dog’s performance—whether that’s in the field, on the course or by your side on a daily run. 

Every decision we make starts with one question, “How does this benefit the dog?”. We are dog lovers, we are dog owners and we only make products that help amazing dogs live fuller and happier.


Our Science: A Deeper Understanding

WINPRO is a performance supplement, not a nutritional supplement. And while nutrition and proper diet are important, they alone can’t combat the health-robbing effects of stress and inflammation. While nutrition = food and helps fuel the animal, it passes rather quickly through the gut and there is no “residual effect” for the body to utilize. 

Unlike traditional supplements, the animal blood proteins used in WINPRO K-THRIVE FORMULA D (our proprietary blend) act much differently in the dog. Unique amino acid chains (proteins) in WINPRO bind in the gut of the dog. So when stress creates an inflammatory response, the proteins are released to help alleviate the condition. That’s the WINPRO difference. 

And WINPRO works fast. While most traditional supplements promise results in 30-60 days, you will see WINPRO work in as little as two days. And for a dog owner, seeing is believing. 


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