The WINPRO Story 

The WINPRO story goes back to the 1980’s at Iowa State University where there were trials done to try and save the lives of weaning baby piglets. During this stressful time young piglets are taken away from mom. Many died from the stress. So researchers at Iowa State started putting spray-dried blood plasma into the pigs’ starter diet. It had a profound and positive effect. So instead of losing lots of pigs, farmers lost hardly any. And a revolution was born.

A Plasma Protein Revolution

Over the years, blood proteins found in plasma have been used to improve the lives of many animals including dairy calves, lambs, kids, goats, juvenile fish, and horses. In late 2016...

WINPRO Was Formed To Explore Using Blood Proteins In Dogs

And the results were nothing short of astonishing.

Today, WINPRO is the only company to offer a line of plasma-powered health products formulated especially for dogs. Dogs could be the perfect species for blood proteins as they are highly active, athletic and get into lots of stuff, both good and bad. Dogs have to deal with a lot of stressors, both inside their bodies and in the environment around them. Where you have stress, you will find inflammation.

Blood Proteins Are The Enemy Of Inflammation

By reducing inflammation, WINPRO helps promote a normal, healthy dog free of issues and able to do the things it loves to do.

It’s All About Returning The Dog To Normal

This is what WINPRO is designed to do. It works fast.

You Will See The Results In A Few Days, Not Weeks Or Months

Our passion is to help keep dogs doing the things they love to do. This is the WINPRO way - we live it every day. And why we backup our science with a money-back guarantee. Because WINPRO works.

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