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A New Veterinary-Exclusive Line of Plasma-Powered Hip & Joint Products

Over 40 years of research and 300+ university studies show the benefits of plasma in supporting animal health. In 2016, WINPRO brought that science to the canine world with the first (and only) line of orally-fed plasma-powered products for dogs. Now, WINPRO is proud to announce a veterinary-exclusive line of products with an even higher inclusion level of plasma: PlaVET+.

PlaVET+ is available in:


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Oral Gel

What Makes PlaVET+ So Unique & Powerful?

The unique formula that WINPRO developed for its line of plasma-powered products is called K-Thrive Formula D, which contains porcine plasma (serum, albumin, IgG, and IgA). 

WINPRO then set out with the goal of creating an even more powerful formula for the veterinary world, combining porcine plasma, bovine serum, and pure immunoglobulin proteins (IgG). This new formula found only in PlaVET+ products is called K-Thrive Formula V.

The bovine serum and pure IgG in the PlaVET+ line provide a much higher potency and inclusion level than WINPRO’s line of products designed for the general market. PlaVET+ really is an incredible product line WINPRO is proud to give vets exclusive access to.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of WINPRO’s plasma is sourced through APC (located in Iowa) and is sustainably collected from USDA-inspected pork and beef processing facilities located throughout the American Midwest. You can learn more here.

The amino acid chains found in blood plasma actually bind to key receptor sites in the gut so they are not digested and do not pass through the animal like food. And since they are retained in the gut, they can be called upon as needed through the circulatory system of the dog to respond to multi-systemic inflammatory events throughout the dog's body.

Because PlaVET+ is so new, WINPRO is still collecting PlaVET+ specific reviews, but if these are the reviews from their general Hip & Joint product, you can only imagine how great the reviews are on the even more potent PlaVET+ product.

"Used this for a Labrador mix and certain it extended his life for 3 additional years. Currently using for 3 of our 5 Great Danes. They LOVE em and there's a huge difference in their mobility. We own a kmgrooming shop and have recommended them to several clients. Everyone has had much success!  Thank you WinPro." - Kimberly B.

"I started giving the Hip and Joint chews to my 12 year old Boerboel on December 1st. Within 2 weeks I noticed a spring in her step which has gotten progressively better. I'm very happy to see her acting more like a puppy again." - Eileen W.

"My pit bull is 7 years old and she was experiencing problems with jumping up on the bed and couch. She’s been taken the hip & joint for over a year. She’s back to jumping up. Onto the bed and couch. She also runs around and plays with our 2 year old German Shepherd." - Tina H. 

Absolutely! Send an email to Anna Johnson at to request more information.

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