Immunity Reviews

Immunity Reviews

Immunity shines in the gut and shields dogs against things that can undermine their immune system.
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Susie Schwope  |  Lino Lakes, MN

"We use WinPro Immunity for all three of our Springer Spaniels because the gut is the "second brain". With a healthy GI tract and gut, the dogs can perform in the field, in the agility ring or hang out at home at the top of their game. We truly believe this is the foundation stone to a healthy dog—physically, mentally and emotionally."


Melissa Carey  |  Burnsville, MN

"Immunity has done miracles for my two Springer Spaniels. They were in and out of the vet a lot due to puking, runny stool and noise tummy. After only being on Immunity for about four days, the issues cleared up. They now have normal stool, no more puking and the tummy noise is gone! I am one happy momma!!!"


Don Laster  |   Des Moines, IA

"The biggest change I've seen is in my 9-year-old pointer, Bandit, who used to really struggle pooping, and would walk and strain. Since I put her on Immunity and Mobility, she makes less effort when going and no longer walks when she goes." 

Melanie Seiter  |  Canistota, SD

"After trying Immunity and Mobility for 10 days, I noticed my dog had more energy and was vomiting less."