Mobility Reviews

Mobility Reviews

Mobility is for joint health and should be used whenever your dog shows signs of joint discomfort or fatigue.
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Chuck Bille  |  White Bear Lake, MN

"My 13-year-old Lab began moving more freely and able to go up and down steps without any difficulty within 6 days."

Kevin Rutherford  |  Delano, MN

"During training sessions, I began noticing some limping on my dog's right rear. This continued for a couple training runs even after some rest, so we went to the vet and he was diagnosed with a torn ACL in the right rear. We were forced to shut down training and most activity. During this time I came across a new product from WinPro called Mobility. We had nothing to lose so we started giving the Mobility product as recommended. 8 weeks later, we returned to the vet and she said, “It looks like you avoided surgery.” With WinPro Mobility, I avoided surgery, rehab time, my dog is running at 100% and we are proceeding with field trials. I am very happy with the results from the WinPro products."

Matt Munger  |  Fresno, CA

"I am a huge believer in the WinPro products. My Lab, Maggie, had noticeable arthritis diagnosed by the vet. Two weeks after I started feeding WinPro Mobility, there was a noticeable difference. 1 month after, it was like she never had an issue! She is constantly getting compliments on her coat now, and I can guarantee her gut health has improved."

Alishia Johnson  |  Cannon Falls, MN
"I saw positive results with my 10-day sample of WinPro Mobility. My dogs did well on it and my Lab didn't have a reaction to it—he is allergic to a lot of products."

Bruce Read  |  Muscatine, IA

“I have been feeding Mobility for about 3 weeks to my seven-year-old female German Shorthair Pointer and I think I am seeing results. I ran her this weekend, all day, on both Saturday and Sunday, guiding hunts at our local preserve. For the last year she has been showing signs of periodic stiffness in her front, right shoulder after only a half-day hunt. I observed no signs of stiffness in roughly 12 hours of hunt time over two days and Sunday was almost 60˚."

Linda Olmstead Frost  |  Stratford, IA

"Love the Mobility product! My eight-year-old heeler has hip problems and I can see an improvement! Thank you for a great product!"

Susie Schwope  |  Lino Lakes, MN

"Our oldest dog, who is almost 9, has a shoulder injury, yet he loves and was bred to hunt. Over the years, we have tried several products to help improve his mobility and range of motion—all without much success. When we began using WinPro Mobility, within a month, we could see the difference. He now trains weekly and is still competing in hunting contests without any signs of injury."

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