Focus Reviews

Focus Reviews

Focus helps calm and is particularly helpful in times of stress, travel, extreme noise and distractions.
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Jenna Cheek  |  Melbourne, FL

"My Lab, Melbe, has had a lot of problems in the past with anxiety due to noise like storms and fireworks, so I started giving her Focus to help with mental calmness. We just went through Hurricane Irma and Melbe took it like a complete champ. She didn't hide under the bed or shake nervously and was back to her normal, happy self the next day. Before Focus, she would have a residual effect and still be a bundle of nerves following loud events but now she handles these situations like a completely different dog."

Kimmie Wells  |  San Diego, CA
“We had our rescue dog Sydney for about 2 months before starting her on WinPro Focus; at this point she was starting to trust us but was still so nervous of everything. On walks before Focus, she would freeze anytime a car drove by or we’d walk past another person or dog. After Focus, she started walking in front of me rather than behind me, her tail was up and wagging, head held high with alert ears. It’s truly been an amazing transformation. Since starting her on Focus, I can really see her think about things rather than just running away, which I believe has helped her get over some of her fears. I can really see she’s not as worried as she was before.”

Diana Childress  | Las Cruces, NM

"After giving Focus, I've seen much better performance from both dogs. I definitely would use the product to help with dogs that stress. One of mine stresses with sniffing and inattention and the other just lets his enthusiasm get out of control."

Gene Stevens  |  New Berlin, WI

"Focus worked great for my dog during storms."

Susie Schwope  |  Lino Lakes, MN

"Our 7-year-old and 1-year-old Springer Spaniels train and compete in both field and agility. These are high energy and drive dogs. We began using Win Pro Focus with them, and we can see the difference in their ability to connect with the handler as well as channel the energy and drive in a positive fashion so it is productive."