Training Reviews

Training Reviews

Training is used to help support stamina and normal recovery in hard-working dogs.
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Ray Larrondo  |  Nampa, ID

"Leading up to and during several multi-day events this spring, my dogs that were on WinPro Training showed no signs of fatigue. Normally, we start to see a decrease in performance after giving 110% day after day, but my dogs seemed to be getting stronger with this product. And they also love it!"

Bruce Mountain  |  New Virginia, IA

"I took my 10-year-old Lab, Woody, on a five-day duck and goose hunt with four other hunters. Three days before going, I started him on WinPro Mobility & Training to keep his joints limber and to improve recovery after each day’s hunt. Even though there was another retriever with us, Woody retrieved about 175 ducks and geese over the five days. I attribute his exceptional performance to experience and to the regime of WinPro products. Every morning, he woke up ready to go and his energy was high throughout each day. Woody has made me a WinPro believer.” 

Uriah Hansen  |  Clive, IA
"I am beyond blown away by the results of WinPro Training from our recent hunting trip. We shot limits of sage grouse over multiple days. After a day or two I expected to see signs of soreness and fatigue but my girl Mazi and the other dogs woke up without any signs of pain or fatigue, and I'd conservatively say they each covered 60 miles every day."  

Isaac Holman  |  Crystal, MN

"After trying Immunity and Training for 10 days, I've noticed an increase in my dog's energy and ability to listen. WinPro has significantly helped in the training of my hunting dog."

Bruce Read  |  Muscatine, IA

"My three German Shorthair Pointers have been using the WinPro products for the past month with impressive results. I have tried a lot of recovery and mobility products over the years and nothing has shown results quite like the WinPro line of products."

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