WINPRO® is focused on addressing the biggest challenge facing trainers—inflammation build-up within the dog. Inflammation undermines performance, particularly if left unchecked, and can continue to create issues over time. Reducing inflammation helps the dog perform longer, improves focus and speeds recovery. 

At their workshop presented at HITS 2017 in San Francisco, experts Dr. Carolina Medina and Deanna J. Cappucci-Lorentz discuss how proper conditioning is key to helping prevent injury in performance dogs. They also discussed how recovery is an important aspect of all training programs.

Performance dogs don’t take days off and they need help from trainers and handlers to be able to recoup from the rigors of training. They need a program that centers on conditioning/flexibility/strength building as well as recovery.

Training tends to cover the following aspects:

  • Conditioning and endurance: running outside with a trainer/handler, treadmills and sometimes water treadmills.
  • Skills Acquisition: the ability to replicate a skill over and over for longer periods of time. This includes physical as well as mental skill building, and may involve conditioning.
  • Recovery / Replenishment: Fluids, electrolytes and nutrients, proper cool down, inflammation reduction and any support for stress or injury.

                    With different products to address different conditions, trainers can dial in their own solutions to help their dogs recover fast. WINPRO is designed to support with a profound and positive effect on the immune system, and ability to deal with harmful inflammation.

                    Credit: Dr. Carolina Medina and Deanna J. Cappucci-Lorentz, Common Injuries & Proper Conditioning, HITS (Handler Instruction & Training Seminar) 2017