Dogs with jobs are particularly prone to stress and the harmful effects of inflammation. WINPRO products can help keep them in good health and their immune system strong.

The more active the dog, the more it’s exposed to stress and the harmful effects of inflammation. Dogs with jobs are particularly prone to stress. They don’t take days off—they go all out and do whatever duty asks of them, be it police work, military service or border patrol, working on a ranch or chasing down game. These are the breeds that are most athletic, highest in energy and wired for action too.

Protecting these dogs starts with the immune system. And immunity starts in the gut (sometimes called “the second brain”). Good gut health boosts the immune system and allows the dog to extract more from the food it eats. Both help ward off sickness, infections, disease and better fuel the dog too.

WINPRO® IMMUNITY is designed to help optimize gut function to create a strong immune system. Think of it as a base layer defense protecting your dog from a host of stressors that can lead to sickness and poor health. K-Thrive™, the proprietary blend of animal blood proteins found in WINPRO, is the active ingredient that makes it work.

Keeping the core strong is critical to good health. But even the strongest immune system can be compromised. In these cases, it’s important to remedy problems quickly. WINPRO offers two remedy products that allow dog owners to treat conditions as needed. These products include MOBILITY for joint health and movability, and FOCUS to help calm the dog, helping eliminate anxiety without making the dog sleepy or lethargic.

Our fourth product, TRAINING, helps dogs ramp up training faster, sustain exercise longer and recover quicker. Aiding the lungs and muscle systems, K-Thrive allows the dog to perform at a higher level and bounce back more easily after hard work or exercise.

While designed for the needs of performance dogs, WINPRO will help any dog regardless of breed, lifestyle or training. Since WINPRO works at the biological level, your dog will feel and you will see a difference. WINPRO. Because great performance starts on the inside. 


Bill Bernardo
WINPRO Founder