K-Thrive™ is the first and only proprietary blend of animal blood proteins created specially for dogs. It works on a biological level versus through nutrition like most supplements made for dogs. So rather than providing the dog with nutrients, it works to reduce the harmful effects of environmental stress and normal inflammation within the dog. Naturally occurring in animal blood proteins are powerful antibodies including plasma, serum, albumin, Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin A (IgA). Together, these compounds (also known as fractions) work in the dog’s gut to help protect it and deal with stress-related inflammation—especially in the areas of the gut, joints, lungs and brain.

While nutritional supplements pass through the gut like food, unique amino acid chains in K-Thrive bind to special receptor sites on microvilli located throughout the dog’s gut. From there they are carried by the dog’s circulatory system to areas in the dog threatened by or reacting to stress-induced inflammation.

Unlike nutritional supplements which can take 30-60 days to show effect, K-Thrive works fast and dog owners can see results in as little as 48 hours. This is a big help to dog owners dealing with problems. And seeing is believing.

In over 300 university studies conducted around the world, the science behind K-Thrive has been proven to work time and time again. Much of the work started at Iowa State University back in the early 1980s and focused on reducing mortality in weaning piglets. Additional research followed in other mammal species including dairy and beef calves, lambs and kids, aqua, poultry and performance horses.

WINPRO® is the first and only brand of canine supplements to provide the power of K-Thrive. And it’s because of K-Thrive that WINPRO works.

Bill Bernardo
WINPRO Founder


WINPRO offers performance dog owners four products covering the areas of focus/calming, immunity/digestive health, mobility/joint health and training/recovery.

K-Thrive is made from porcine blood sources collected under USDA inspection in the American Midwest. The blood is hygienically captured at the point of slaughter and immediately transported to nearby processing facilities for fractionation and spray-drying.

K-Thrive is all-natural and each lot is tested to be sure it is free from salmonella, eColi and all pathogens and contaminants.