People and dogs have a lot in common. And one thing they share is how their bodies react to inflammation. Most inflammation in people and dogs comes from exposure to one or more stressors, many which are environmental and beyond our control. Stressors include injury, pathogens, infections, changes in diet, loud noises, crowding, travel and exercise.

Inflammation is the normal response of the body’s immune system to injuries and the harmful things that can enter the body. During the process, we feel symptoms like pain, warmth, swelling and redness. However, most types of inflammation may actually show up inside where they are neither seen or felt by human or dog.

Immune response and the inflammation that follows uses up available energy that could have gone to things like performance. So not only does performance suffer, but we (humans and dogs) are left feeling tired or run down. This is why we sleep so much when we get sick. It’s the body diverting our energy into dealing with whatever made us sick.

K-Thrive™ is a blend of animal blood proteins found in all WINPRO® products. Unique amino acid chains in K-Thrive bind in the gut to help alleviate the energy-robbing effects of inflammation. They help dogs bounce back quicker, recover faster and return to normal sooner. The graph at top shows how it works. This is why dog owners using WINPRO see a difference.

WINPRO. Just two soft chews a day helps keep inflammation at bay.


Bill Bernardo
WINPRO Founder