by Bill Bernardo, WINPRO Founder

A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than he loves himself. -Josh Billings

A Dog’s World

Dogs are everywhere and they get into everything. They run hard, play hard, and give it their all. They have four feet on the ground, wear no shoes or socks, and lick (and sometimes eat) whatever they find.

Dogs can do a lot of things and sometimes (like people) they do them in excess. Like running too hard, jumping too far, chasing other dogs or squirrels or a frisbee thrown too high.

Stress is Life

Since dogs are in the middle of it, they are subjected to lots of things that create stress, both internal and external. Not just things they do and bad stuff they eat but things like thunderstorms, and new dogs, and travel, and confinement.

Stress is the cause of inflammation and this thing called inflammation is where a lot of dog health problems begin.

Blood of Life

In blood proteins are fractions that help keep us alive...plasma, serum, immunoglobulins, and more. They are there to help protect us, to help us recover from illness and injury, and to live longer.

When an animal is sacrificed for food, its blood can be used to benefit another species. Like a circle of life, the same blood fractions taken from a meat animal can benefit our dogs.

The Wonder of WINPRO

WINPRO is the only range of products for dogs made with animal blood proteins. And nothing works like it. Fed orally, WINPRO helps dogs recover from the evils of inflammation. Fast. So it gets them back doing the things they love to do.

And that’s also important for the owner who might otherwise be deprived the joy and companionship only a dog can bring.


Our passion is to help keep dogs doing the things they love to do. We developed WINPRO after seeing what blood proteins did for hard-working performance horses. As lifelong dog lovers, we know they need help dealing with stress and inflammation. And we came upon the perfect solution: a wonderful all-natural option to drugs and synthetics too.


Prevention is always better than cure. Heading off problems before they begin. Keeping inflammation down makes dog problems less likely to happen. WINPRO should be your dog’s first level of defense.

But with age, exercise, and wear comes symptoms that tell you problems are near. And here’s where WINPRO can also play a role. To remedy problems and help keep them away.

Bringing It Together

We make only five products but these represent the most common places where dog problems live and where the science guided us. Our goal is not to offer the most, just the best. And in a form your dog will love to eat.

Our business is keeping dogs healthy and able to do what they love to do. For as long as possible. And in that quest we find both joy and purpose. Thank you for trusting us on your journey to improving your dogs overall health. 

- Bill Bernardo - WINPRO Founder