Everything You Need To Know About Our Dog Chews

Everything You Need To Know About Our Dog Chews

There’s a lot to learn about dog chews — here’s what you need to know about finding the right one, why they’re important, and beyond.

As a dog owner, you know how much goes into keeping your pet happy and healthy. Besides finding the right food, giving them appropriate exercise, and showering them with lots of love, adding a supplement can support their health in a variety of ways! 

What Is A Dog Chew?

We call our products super chews because they aren’t food, they aren’t treats, and they even work differently than nutritional supplements by supporting your dog at the biological level! Our super chews are plasma-powered and can be given to your dog daily to help them with mobility, gut health, or allergy issues, support their recovery, or fight their anxiety. 

Like a supplement, our chews are given to your dog daily (we recommend in the morning) - one daily if your dog is under 20 lbs. and two daily if your dog is over 20 lbs. 

Why Are Dog Chews Important?

There are several reasons why dog chews are important and can be a helpful addition to your pet’s daily routine. For one, you can choose a dog chew designed to give your pet a health benefit. WINPRO Pet has formulated chews designed to support your pet in various ways. 

What Is A WINPRO Chew?

Not only are WINPRO chews tasty and enjoyable, but they also support a healthy, happy life. Of course, you must continue to give your dog the correct food that helps them eat a balanced diet because our chews are not a substitute for food and do not provide a nutritional supplement to their diet. 

Our chews are a plasma-powered supplement designed to be given to your dog daily to help with various issues they may be facing, give preventative care, or help improve overall health.

The core ingredient in WINPRO products is plasma, a natural component of blood that’s responsible for delivering nutrients, hormones, and proteins (including antibodies) to the parts of the body that need it most.

Plasma has been used for decades to help people suffering from burns, shock, trauma, and other medical conditions, and through our formula, it’s now available in a convenient soft chew for dogs suffering from allergies, stiff joints, gut issues, and more.

When we say “plasma powered” we are referring to our unique formulas that are primarily made with blood plasma and other natural ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory and other health benefits.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Selecting A Dog Chew?

There are various things that you should keep in mind when selecting a super chew from WINPRO but the most important is what your dog’s needs are. Our five products include: 


Relieves itching & calms irritation

Hip & Joint

Minimizes pain & improves mobility


Lowers anxiety & promotes relaxation

Gut Health

Supports digestive health & boosts immunity


Relieves body fatigue & stimulates healing

If your dog is suffering symptoms in any one of these areas, choose the best fit to combat those symptoms, but know that our products can also be used together! For example, does your dog have a lot of anxiety during summer storms but also suffers from a limp because he or she is a senior dog? You can give him or her both Hip & Joint and Calming! They are completely safe to use together and alongside any other medication or supplement. 

One other thing that’s important to remember is that our chews can be used preventatively as well! Is your dog nearing its senior years? You can start him or her on Hip & Joint to help prevent inflammation rather than fight it later on after it takes root. 

All About WINPRO Pet Dog Chew Supplements

Here at WINPRO, we’re well-versed in what goes into a delicious, healthful dog chew. And that’s why we’re so passionate about what we do, why we’re passing that along. Here’s our promise to you: 

Backed by 40 years of scientific research

Blood proteins found in plasma have been used for decades and have been proven to work in over 300 university studies.

Proven to work for thousands of dogs

Over 20,000 pet owners have used WINPRO® to overcome even the most stubborn pet health issues.

Only safe & natural ingredients

Each formula is made with blood plasma and other natural, complementary ingredients. No fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors.

Made in the USA

Our products are made right here in the USA using domestically sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

Committed to your satisfaction

No matter what, when, or where you bought our products, we will always honor our 100% money-back guarantee.

Here for you & your best friend

You can always count on us for reliable service, openness to feedback, and consistent product improvements.


We know that when your dog tries their first WINPRO Pet super chew, they’ll love it. Between giving your dog the boost they need to live their best life and the delicious taste, your dog will come back for more — again and again!