Over the past couple of years, I’ve talked to a few small animal vets whose opinions I listen to more than others. These are guys who haven’t sold out to the big animal drug companies and so “tell it like it is”. And I was a bit surprised when all shared at one time or another “We’re killing our pets.” So I asked why.

Seems the culprit might be the antibacterial household cleaners that became all the rage over the last ten years or so. But herein lies the problem: To kill bacteria, germs and other “stuff”, the products have to contain something that does the killing. As in something toxic. And if this stuff “works to kill harmful bacteria” (as we’re lead to believe) we want to use it. A lot. Hmmm. This might not be good.

Think about it further. We’re spraying this stuff all over the house and it’s probably getting everywhere whether we want it to or not. For sure, it’s on tile and hardwood floors, carpets, countertops, furniture and even our clothes. Now think about dogs. They don’t wear shoes and they are very close to the floor and their foot pads are highly absorbent. So guess what they absorb?

Also, dogs are constantly licking things like the floor (the ultimate collector of food and crumbs), furniture, table tops (another food collector) and other places. More ingestion of antibacterial toxins. Yuck.

Over time, exposure and repeated ingestion of toxins will have a cumulative inflammatory effect on the dog. This inflammatory response can cause all sorts of bad outcomes starting in the gut and then working out to systems like the lungs, the brain, muscles and even joints. Worst of all, prolonged inflammation can create disease, some which become chronic. And this is the worst outcome of all.

WINPRO was created to do only one thing: Help prevent and stop inflammation fast. That’s the wonderful contribution the K-Thrive blend of porcine blood proteins in WINPRO brings and why there are over 300 university studies proving that blood proteins work.

Your dog doesn’t have a choice in the environment it lives in. And what’s on the floor and other places he likes to look for food. There are lots of products that clean and disinfect without containing toxins. These are typically labeled as “all natural” or “pet safe”. Give your dog a break from chemical warfare and help yourself and your family too. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog..and this makes the owner happy too.