• 1. What is a “blood protein supplement”?

  • 2. What’s K-Thrive?

  • 3. How is WINPRO different from other pet supplements?

  • 4. Can you tell me more about where the blood come from, the collection process, and if WINPRO is safe?

  • 5. Can my dog experience any unwanted side effects or adverse health risks after consuming WINPRO?

  • 6. Are these products FDA-approved? Vet-approved? USDA-approved?

  • 7. What happens if / when my dog stops taking these products? Will its health suffer, will its immune system become compromised?

  • 8. Can I give my dog more than one type of WINPRO product? i.e. all four?

  • 9. My dog ate over half a bag of WINPRO blood protein supplements. Can they get sick from eating too many WINPRO supplements?

  • 10. Why do you recommend feeding WINPRO in the morning?

  • 11. I noticed the chews look different from bag to bag and aren't the exact same color or size. Why is this?

  • 12. I noticed the chews aren't all the same size and some are larger or smaller. Why is this?

  • 13. Is soy in these products?

  • 14. How many chews do I feed my dog?

  • 15. How long are the chews good for once the bag is opened?

  • 16. How much do WINPRO products generally cost?