WINPRO Dog Video Contest
Beginning on November 22nd upload your video here on VideoPeel

One or more finalists will be selected each week, for the period of time starting Friday November 22nd-December 31st 2019.

Each finalist will receive a 30 day supply (60 count pouch) of their choice of our WINPRO supplements.

Hold your smartphone horizontally to record a video answering the questions below:

1) Introduce yourself (name and location) and your dog

2) Share why you purchased WINPRO for your dog, and what impact it had on your dog.

3) Show your dog doing what they love (Chasing a ball, jumping on the couch for snuggles, chasing their tail, catching a frisbee, competing, or just laying on top of ya... you get the drift!)

Most important is to have FUN and SMILE!

All videos must be submitted through the VideoPeel app (makes is really easy) -->>here on VideoPeel

Still have questions?

Feel free to text Tim at 515.991.4740 to get them cleared up quickly.