Tell Us Your Story For A Chance To Win A Year's Supply Of WINPRO!

Hands up if you like talking about your dog 👋

Hands up if you wish you could talk more about your dog. 👋

Hands up if you’re always talking about your dog and you’re unashamed. 👋

If your hands are up, we’re right there with you!

At WINPRO, we care about every customer and with Get to Know Your Customers Day coming up on October 15th, we want to help tell YOUR story!

Specifically, we want to know your ending to the sentence “My dog is my _____.”

Best friend?
Hiking buddy?
Travel partner?
Couch cuddler?

Tell us “My dog is my [your answer]" and how WINPRO has helped with a:

Option #1 - Written Testimonial
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Option #2-  Written Testimonial + Photo of your dog with the WINPRO product he/she uses
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Option #3 - Video Testimonial
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And you’ll get these great rewards!

10% off coupon for Option #1

20% off coupon for Option #2

30% off coupon for Option #3 PLUS the chance to WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF WINPRO!

We will be using your testimonials, photos, and videos in our marketing materials and can’t wait to tell your story. Help us get to know you!

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Simple Sample Videos Below: