Are you interested in becoming a WINPRO Affiliate? We are always looking for passionate dog owners that enjoy sharing their experiences with WINPRO Blood Protein Supplements. The WINPRO Affiliate program is designed to give you the chance to promote a product and company you believe in, all while getting paid for your efforts. (And you receive a personal discount… win-win!) It’s a great opportunity for you to help other dogs as well as reward yourself in the process.

  • A WINPRO Affiliate is typically a user and lover of WINPRO.
  • A WINPRO Affiliate enjoys using their social media accounts and word of mouth to share their WINPRO experiences and product information with friends, followers, clients, etc.
  • A WINPRO Affiliate can be a trainer/breeder/handler/marketer who wants to promote a product to their clients without the hassle of ordering, shipping, stocking and fulfilling. Earn a substantial side income as clients of yours re-order time and time again.
  • A WINPRO Affiliate typically does not carry inventory (exception being trial packs).

Click here-->>  Affiliate Program Overview to learn more about our 2019 WINPRO Affiliate Program qualifications.

Joining the WINPRO Affiliate team allows you to:

  • Promote a product line that gets results and improves the lives of dogs.
  • Get your own product FREE after sales of your promotion efforts start coming in.
  • You get a commission each time someone purchases through your affiliate link, so you can enjoy ongoing payouts on recurring orders.
  • Never have to worry about shipping, fulfilling, or following up. We take care of all of that for you on your behalf.

Below is a link to the Affiliate application. After completion of the application, you will receive a response within 48 business hours.

Click Here-->> Affiliate Application

Thanks again for being a loyal WINPRO customer, we sure hope you decide to join our awesome Affiliate team!